Crash and Burn - Chapter 7: Ke kumakaia

Danny, Kono and Chin were loitering aimlessly around the office, trying to look busy, as they waited for McGarrett and their newest recruit to get back from wherever they’ve gone to. The two cousins had speculated as to the nature of the relationship between the two, the reasons behind the snapping contest. They’d even tried to get Danny’s input, but due to the revelations from the previous night and his promise to his partner that he wouldn’t say anything, he kept his mouth firmly shut.

“Knock it off already, Steve.”

Three heads turned toward the hallway and the approaching voices. It didn’t sound as the two have worked things out yet.

“I’m just asking what you were doing that she needed to save your life, Reen.”

Okay, maybe they have worked things out.

“It’s a long story.”

“It always is.”

“And it’s classified.”

“They always are where you’re concerned,” he replied as they rounded the corner.

“Exactly. So drop it.” She strode into the office. “And show me the file on this Jenna Kaye.”

“Kono.” Steve nodded toward the comp desk. “Bring up the file on Kaye.”

Kono tapped, swiped, and the CIA file, he’d requested before starting their association with Jenna Kaye, appeared on the middle one of the three screens.

Sabrina scanned the data, nodded. “The data fits, though the bio is pretty off. There’s quite a bit missing.” She narrowed her eyes at the last entry in the profile. “And this is wrong.”

“I told you,” Steve said, “maybe there’s more than one Jenna Kaye at the Agency.”

She sighed. “Steve.”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “Sabrina.”

“Why don’t you have your aneurism face on?” Danny asked. “When I take that tone you always have your aneurism face on.”

Sabrina turned to the blond man. “Aneurism face?”

“Yeah, his forehead gets all screwy and he glares.”

“Oh, that face.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “Great, take his side.”

She looked at him innocently. “This isn’t about taking sides, Commander. I just implied I’m familiar with that facial expression of yours.”

With Kono and Chin snickering in the sidelines, Steve rubbed a hand over the stubble on his face. “Could we please get back to the file?”

“That appears to be Jenna Kaye’s file, but, as I told you, a lot’s missing.”

He crossed his arms again. “All I’m saying is that you can be mistaken. God forbid,” he finished with a mock shocked expression.

“Funny. Can I see her picture?”

“Sure,” Kono replied and, another swipe later, brought up the analyst’s picture.

“Son of a bitch,” Sabrina whispered. “That’s the person who helped you track down Wo Fat?”

“Yeah.” Steve went to her. “What is it?” he asked in a low voice.

“You’ve been played,” she replied and watched his jaw flex.

“She’s not Jenna Kaye.”

Sabrina shook her head.

“And she’s not CIA,” Steve murmumured.

Another shake of her head.

“Then who is she?” Danny asked as he and Chin joined them at the comp table.

Sabrina looked at Steve. “Full immunity?”

He nodded. “And means.”

“Good, I’m gonna need every single one of them.” She looked down at the computer, closed her eyes, and cracked her knuckles. “Here goes nothing,” she said and looked up at Steve with a mischievous expression. “You might want to turn away.”

He just grinned and leaned his hip against the comp table. “Shock me.”

She shrugged one shoulder and set to work. One after another a series of password-encrypted pages appeared, some with known logos, some with not so known logos and acronyms. From the corner of her eye, she saw Steve tense as she typed password after password, accessing deeper and deeper levels of confidentiality. She even thought she heard him curse softly once.

“You don’t really have all these passwords, do you?” Chin asked from the other side of the table.

“I told you you might want to look away,” she remarked, her eyes never leaving the data screens. Then, she finally accessed the internal database ‘vault’, and, protecting the access point as well as the destination of the transmission, she brought up string after string of data—files and photos started to appear on the three screens in the room.

Confidential files, surveillance details, phone-records, along with crime scene photos of charred remains of cars, buildings, and people, mutilated bodies, autopsy photos...She covered it all by a picture of a petite woman with long, dark hair, obviously taken by a surveillance camera. The photo might have been grainy, but the subject was unmistakable. It was the woman the Five-0 knew as Jenna Kaye.

“Jelena Ilyinichna Zagorinskaya,” Sabrina said. “Ex-SVR. That’s Russian Foreign Intelligence Service,” she explained. “Father, Ilya Zagorinsky, former head of the First Chief Directorate in the KGB, deceased. Mother, Ekaterina Nikolajevna Chernyovskaya, former GRU, also deceased.”

She moved to the head of the comp table, the screens behind her, and looked at the Five-0 team. “Ten years ago they presumably found her remains in her home in Moscow. Two more bodies were found in the remains, her father and mother. Bomb attack. Which became her favorite MO throughout the years. The SVR kept it on the down low, pride mostly, but it soon became common knowledge Zagorinskaya faked her own death and went into the private sector. The parents were confirmed deaths.”

Sabrina placed her hands onto the table and leaned forward. “She has ties to both the Russian Mafia and the Japanese Yakuza, acting mostly as gun for hire, though she does some espionage work on the side, if the pay is good enough.” She straightened. “More than a hundred confirmed hits under her belt, she’s vicious, cold-blooded, and thorough.” She met their eyes individually. Chin. Kono. Danny. And Steve. “I wouldn’t be talking to you now, if she’d been sent here to kill you.”

Steve rubbed his chin. “Her ties to the Yakuza would explain her presence here. She wanted to lead us away from Wo Fat.”

“But why help us get close to him?” Danny asked.

Steve shrugged. “He wanted me implicated in the governor’s murder.”

“Then why would he order Hesse to kill you, if, according to her...” Danny pointed at Sabrina. “...he didn’t really want you dead.”

“That’s not what I said,” she interrupted. “I said she wasn’t here to kill you.” She accessed the last photo in the file. “And her ties to the Yakuza weren’t the reason why she was here.” She accessed one last photo, brought it up on the middle screen. “She’s Wo Fat’s lover.”

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