Chink in the Armor - Prologue

Slade Wilson drummed his fingers on his desk as he kept watch over the Queen household. The kid was running scared, he mused with a satisfied smirk. But this was nothing. This was just the beginning. He was just getting started. And when he was done, the kid would know that what he’d gone through on Lian Yu was just an appetizer. Merely Purgatory.

When Slade was done with him and with everyone and everything he held dear, Oliver Queen would know what Hell was like.

But first things first.

Slade knew just where to start the final phase of his plan. Or with whom to start it. Oliver seemed to have completely forgotten about the love he’d held for Laurel Lance on the island, carrying her picture and what not. He was busy mooning over the blonde bitch he’d chosen over Shado, forgetting Laurel and his hand in her downfall. Oliver could pretend all he wanted that he hadn't been the one to push the girl over the edge, but the guilt was there, eating him from inside.

So he’d pushed her away, settling for second best with her slutty sister. So be it. Slade chuckled. The girl was just starting to put her life back together. She might need a helping hand, what with her family obviously pushing her into the sidelines, favoring her younger sister over her. Laurel might need a shoulder to cry on, a friend to confide in...

He stood, and grabbed his jacket. If you want something done right, you simply have to do it yourself.

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