Broken Road - Prologue

We experience trauma everyday of our lives. Trauma follows us everywhere. It follows us home, changes our lives, it frightens, it scars...No matter who you are. An everyday average Joe, a single mom, an accountant, soldier or a doctor. We all experience trauma. It impacts us in different ways; a car accident, a hit-and-run, a sick child, a mugging, someone you love suffering, someone you love leaving you...

Doctor Owen Hunt sighed as he scanned his wife’s signature on the ‘Signature of Petitioner or Lawyer' line. Soon to be ex-wife’s signature, he thought, as he scrawled his own name on the ‘Signature of Respondent’ line. It was over.

Trauma scars, we all have proof. But it also shapes us, changes us in a good or a bad way. It can leave us behind in the dust, shattered into a million pieces, or it can make us stronger.