Completed Fanfiction

Here are stored the fanfics I've managed to complete. (Yay, me!)
(They're listed in 'order of completion', with the latest completed story on top.)

In order to keep the site "in order", I also decided to sort them by length; One-shots (only one chapter per story), short fics (a story of at least 10 chapters), and long fics (more than 10 chapters per story—unfortunately these comprise the most of my "writing opus", since I can't seem to keep anything short)



A Musketeer's Heart

(Musketeers fanfiction)

OCSomeone new has joined the musketeers and got paired up with our fearless foursome. But Alexandre Reynaud isn't what he appears, with a hidden agenda that might get them all killed, whose secret will affect the dynamic, relationships and lives between them, striking right through the heart of a musketeer. (Word count: 47,416)

Letting Go

(Arrow fanfiction)

You can only kick a dog so many times before they bite back. Laurel Lance has been kicked a lot. And she’s had it. Enough was enough. It was time to break the so-called rut. She was tired of the tug-and-push game, tired of pining after the man. She needed a clean break...She just didn’t count with the determination and stubbornness of our favorite vigilante. (Word count: 40,210)

Picking Up the Pieces

(NCIS fanfiction)

A few months after the team lost one of their own, they have to face with the loss of a different kind. A loss that cuts deeper than anything. (Word count: 13,335)

Crash and Burn

(Hawaii Five-0 fanfiction)

OCThere's a new governor in town, determined to get to the bottom of the shady deals his predecessor was involved in. And he's brought reinforcements, a fresh pair of eyes and ears to help the Five-0 come to the bottom of the case McGarret's father had been investigating.
But these two new arrivals might shake up more than just the investigation... (Word count: 70,176)


An Enchanted Evening

(City Hunter fanfiction)

After a day-long merry chase around Shinjuku after a phantom client who ends up being Ryo, Kaori is pissed and seriously contemplating murder. But what awaits her at home just might make her forget her vengeful intentions... (Word count: 3,640)

(A/N: This was supposed to be one of the Vignettes stories, but it turned out longer than I expected—which is a rather common occurrence in my writing—so I decided to post it as a separate story. Don't worry, it's just two chapters long. It might be a little OOC, though.)

The Most Beautiful Day of My Life

(City Hunter fanfiction)

Ryo and Kaori's wedding day has finally arrived... But in Tokyo many things can happen, many surprises may occur, especially for the City Hunter duo... And on this special day an old enemy appears seeking vengeance... (Word count: 11,494)

(A/N: This fanfiction was created (way back in 2005) in response to a challenge. I had to create a story around Ryo and Kaori's wedding, or decision to get married, and incorporate some action and a tragedy or two, and to make the reader laugh and cry.)

Hell Hath No Fury

(Arrow fanfiction)

"Heav'n has no rage like love to hatred turn'd"...

Slade Wilson has only one reason for being in Starling City—to bring down his former friend, Oliver Queen. Unfortunately, the corruption of the person Oliver loves most goes terribly awry.
(Word count: 9,833)

(A/N: After watching episode 2x09, I was struck with the image of how I'd like the Slade Wilson arc to end. Or more importantly, whom I'd like to end the Slade Wilson arc.)


Vignettes of life

(City Hunter fanfiction)

This is a collection of one-shots depicting little moments in the lives of Ryo and Kaori. The individual stories don't follow a specific timeline (eventually it will start skipping back and forward in the timeline of the manga story arc), it's really just a collection of little vignettes of life in the Saeba household.

C'est la vie

(City Hunter fanfiction)

During a regular check-up, Kaori receives not-so-good news. It comes as a shock, especially since she will soon have to make an important decision, but it also brings worry about how to broach the subject to her partner. (Word count: 2,905)

(A/N: Despite its short length, this isn't a carefree, funny story. Sometimes life is hard and not-happy. Even in fiction. Sorry.)

Return From Hell

(City Hunter fanfiction)

Ryo's short return to the jungle makes him think on his feelings toward Kaori, and helps him make an important decision regarding their relationship. (Word count: 1,838)