City Hunter Fanfiction

City Hunter was my absolute favorite anime growing up (I'm a child of the eighties ^_^). When I first saw it, dubbed in Italian, I wasn't yet in my teens, but I immediately "fell in love" with the humor of it...The mallets, konpeito, funny faces, and funny voices. It took more than a decade for me to discover that the original Japanese voice actors are even funnier. And at about the same time, I finally decided to read the original work that inspired the anime; Tsukasa Hojo's extraordinary manga.

For those who know City Hunter, it doesn't need to be repeated, but for those, who have only seen the anime, let me tell you that the manga is light-years ahead and much much better as far as the overall story-arc (and yes, the relationship between Ryo and Kaori) goes. And, of course, no one beats Hojo-sensei when it comes to art.

City Hunter is a bit of an obsession for me, I freely admit it and there are more-or-less short periods of my life I succumb to the incessant urge to write fanfiction on the theme; all of them focused on the main (romantic) relationship of the CH universe—that between Saeba Ryo and Makimura Kaori.

This is the place where you can read these flights of my fancy. Hope you enjoy.

Since CH fanfics come in all "sizes", I decided to sort them by completion status and length; One-shots (only one chapter per story), short fics (a story of at least 10 chapters), and work in progress (not yet complete fanfics which I'll try to actually finish before the next decade rolls around if a writer's block doesn't strike).



What Men Want

A CH job goes a bit off script, resulting in Kaori getting her lights turned off for a while, scaring the spit out of her partner and her friends. She wakes up pretty soon and doesn't appear to be suffering any ill effects...Until she discovers she can read minds; or to be more specific, male minds. This could prove to be a golden opportunity to find out what's going on in Ryo's head, but she soon discovers she's bitten off more than she can chew...

(A/N: This story has its own story. I began to write it as a challenge fic back in 2007 and effectively stopped at chapter 25 a few months later. It stayed in limbo for a decade until I dreamed of every single detail of the unwritten part of it and decided to resurrect it. )

♫ Soundtrack ♫
Eric Clapton - Blue Eyes Blue
Akira Kamiya - Gimme Shock
S Club 7 - Have You Ever
Randy Edelman (for Dragonheart OST) - To the Stars
Momoko Kitadai - Want Your Love
Tatsumi Yano (for City Hunter Original Animation Soundtrack Vol. 2) - The Shining of Cat's Eye
Tastumi Yano (for City Hunter Original Animation Soundtrack Vol. 2) - Paradise Alley
Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting
Calum Scot feat. Leona Lewis - You Are the Reason
Jess Glynne - Take Me Home
Yurie Kokubu - Only In My Dreams
Kirsten Steinhauer - Forever In My Heart
Brian May / Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You


After seven years, Kaori is finally back in Japan. Many things have changed in these past seven years. More importantly, people have also changed...But so has she. She's no longer the 25-year-old love-struck girl, but a woman. With much different priorities...

(A/N: Takes place seven years after the episode in which Kaori went to work with Mick. In this story, she didn't return to Ryo at the end of the episode, but packed up her stuff and left for good. She preferred running than getting hurt all over again.)

♫ Soundtrack ♫
Jennifer Cihi - Without You
Kirsten Steinhauer - Forever In My Heart
Oh Joon Sung 오준성 - Nana's Theme (instrumental)
Jonghyun 샤이니(종현) - So Goodbye
Yim Jae Beum 임재범 - Sarang 사랑 (instrumental)
Apple Mango - I Love You, I Want You, I Need You


An Enchanted Evening

After a day-long merry chase around Shinjuku after a phantom client who ends up being Ryo, Kaori is pissed and seriously contemplating murder. But what awaits her at home just might make her forget her vengeful intentions... (Word count: 3,640)

(A/N: This was supposed to be one of the Vignettes stories, but it turned out longer than I expected—which is a rather common occurrence in my writing—so I decided to post it as a separate story. Don't worry, it's just two chapters long. It might be a little OOC, though.)

♫ Soundtrack ♫
Akira Kamiya – Gimme Shock
Oh Joon Sung 오준성 - The Fire of Love (Instrumental)
Apple Mango - I Love You, I Want You, I Need You
Yim Jae Beum 임재범 - Sarang 사랑
Lily James – Andante, Andante
Shania Twain – From This Moment On

The Most Beautiful Day of My Life

Ryo and Kaori's wedding day has finally arrived... But in Tokyo many things can happen, many surprises may occur, especially for the City Hunter duo... And on this special day an old enemy appears seeking vengeance... (Word count: 11,494)

(A/N: This fanfiction was created (way back in 2005) in response to a challenge. I had to create a story around Ryo and Kaori's wedding, or decision to get married, and incorporate some action and a tragedy or two, and to make the reader laugh and cry.)


Vignettes of life

This is a collection of one-shots depicting little moments in the lives of Ryo and Kaori. The individual stories don't follow a specific timeline (eventually it will start skipping back and forward in the timeline of the manga story arc), it's really just a collection of little vignettes of life in the Saeba household.

♫ Soundtrack ♫
Bon Jovi - (You Want to Make) A Memory
Kôshô Otani - Sweet Twilight (instrumental)

C'est la vie

During a regular check-up, Kaori receives not-so-good news. It comes as a shock, especially since she will soon have to make an important decision, but it also brings worry about how to broach the subject to her partner. (Word count: 2,905)

(A/N: Despite its short length, this isn't a carefree, funny story. Sometimes life is hard and not-happy. Even in fiction. Sorry.)

Return From Hell

Ryo's short return to the jungle makes him think on his feelings toward Kaori, and helps him make an important decision regarding their relationship. (Word count: 1,838)