Updates - 2012


I love Owen Hunt on Grey's Anatomy, but I'm not such a big fan of him and Cristina, so after all the angst she's put Owen through in the last season, I decided to write a better outcome for the Scottish hunk (though he plays an American in the series).

Unfortunately I became instantly stuck after writing the prologue, so for now this'll have to do.


After watching the 'wedding' episodes in the second season of Melissa and Joey I decided I needed to write an M&J story that has the two actually ending up together.

Here's where The Parent Trap comes in. In the first chapter Lennox and Ryder decide to take matters into their own hands in trying to get Mel and Joe to talk.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 18 February 2012

In the epilogue of Crash and Burn a delivery interrupts a quiet breakfast, but Sabrina might need some more convincing to stay with the Five-0.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 15 February 2012

In chapter 48 of Crash and Burn Steve is tired of listening to Sabrina apologize since there are much better ways to spend the night.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 12 February 2012

In chapter 47 of Crash and Burn Steve tells Sabrina a love-story (based on true events).

FANFICTION UPDATE: 9 February 2012

Following Joe's intervention, Steve finally opens his eyes in chapter forty-six of Crash and Burn and decides to make a good use of the party.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 7 February 2012

Following Hawthorne's revelation, things are much clearer in chapter 45 of Crash and Burn, but someone doesn't see it that way.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 4 February 2012

In chapter 44 of Crash and Burn governor Marcus Hawthorne reveals the truth about his connection to Sabrina.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 2 February 2012

In chapter forty-three of Crash and Burn Sabrina's former schoolmate lets slip some news and incurs the silent wrath of Steve McGarrett.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 31 January 2012

In chapter forty-two of Crash and Burn Steve and the gang meet Marcus' father who tells them a beautiful story about his daughter no one knows about.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 29 January 2012

In chapter 41 of Crash and Burn Sabrina's final movie-night before leaving is interrupted by her brother acting as a fairy godmother bearing gifts he knows she cannot refuse.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 27 January 2012

In chapter forty of Crash and Burn Sabrina has two parting gifts—one for Steve and one for Mary.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 24 January 2012

In chapter thirty-nine of Crash and Burn Sabrina finally has enough data to compile her report and enough proof to exonerate Steve's father.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 22 January 2012

In chapter 38 of Crash and Burn Steve misinterprets what he sees and realizes he could never really compete and Sabrina finds important evidence.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 19 January 2012

In chapter 37 of Crash and Burn promises and threats are exchanged in the clearing, but in the end there's just one choice available.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 17 January 2012

In chapter 36 of Crash and Burn the rescue mission goes wrong when another player, the player, shows up.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 15 January 2012

In chapter 35 of Crash and Burn Marc isn't thrilled with Joe's back-up, but there's really no time to waste with Sabrina's life possibly on the line.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 13 January 2012

In chapter 34 of Crash and Burn Marcus Hawthorne finally connects with a good friend in search of help in mounting a rescue mission.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 11 January 2012

In chapter 33 of Crash and Burn Sabrina lets Steve off the hook and receives a very unsettling phone-call...and another late-night visit.


In chapter thirty-two of Crash and Burn Sabrina is called to answer some questions and Steve has some of his own.


In chapter 31 of Crash and Burn a beautiful stranger crashes Frank Delano's party...only to gain some important information.


In chapter 30 of Crash and Burn it's Marcus to deliver the news to the team, but Steve isn't satisfied and decides to go to the source.