Updates - 2011

FANFICTION UPDATE: 31 December 2011

In chapter 29 of Crash and Burn Marc tries to talk some sense into Sabrina, but she's too stubborn and too hurt to listen, while later memories of everything shared keep two people awake.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 29 December 2011

In chapter twenty-eight of Crash and Burn the make-out session on the couch is interrupted prompting some harsh parting words.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 27 December 2011

In chapter twenty-seven of Crash and Burn Steve comes to Sabrina's house and the two end up arguing on whether what happened to her was his fault or not and she reveals an interesting tidbit about her father.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 26 December 2011

In chapter 26 of Crash and Burn Danny visits Sabrina in the hospital.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 24 December 2011

In the twenty-fifth chapter of Crash and Burn Marcus and Steve have a confrontation in Sabrina's hospital room and some confessions are made in the middle of the night.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 21 December 2011

In chapter twenty-four of Crash and Burn Sabrina risks her life to protect Rachel and Gracie.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 18 December 2011

In chapter 23 of Crash and Burn things have taken a turn for the worse between Sabrina and Steve and as the team processes a double murder, some bad news arrive.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 15 December 2011

In chapter 22 of Crash and Burn the team rushes to Sabrina's house and decide to stay around despite the possible repercussions toward people they love and Steve finally figures out Sabrina's true plan.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 12 December 2011

In chapter 21 of Crash and Burn Sabrina gets a pair of late-night visitors.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 7 December 2011

In chapter twenty of Crash and Burn Steve confronts Sabrina with a certain part of her plan.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 5 December 2011

In chapter 19 of Crash and Burn the two pairs of siblings once more share a quiet evening at home.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 4 December 2011

In the eighteenth chapter of Crash and Burn Sabrina presents her plan to bring Wo Fat down to the team.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 30 November 2011

In chapter 17 of Crash and Burn Sabrina works on the video found in the governor's office and discovers who sold her out five years ago.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 24 November 2011

In chapter 16 of Crash and Burn Gracie Williams celebrates her birthday on the beach.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 23 November 2011

In chapter fifteen of Crash and Burn the raid on the bad guy headquarters almost goes bad and Danny notices some other abilities Sabrina has.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 20 November 2011

In chapter fourteen of Crash and Burn the two murders finally make sense.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 16 November 2011

In chapter 13 of Crash and Burn Sabrina fails to make friends with IA and she's finally accepted into the fold as the team invite her to dinner.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 13 November 2011

In chapter 12 of Crash and Burn Sabrina helps shed some light on the two seemingly suspect-less murders.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 9 November 2011

As in chapter 11 of Crash and Burn Steve puzzles over the two murder cases, Danny makes some observations about his and Sabrina's fashion style.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 6 November 2011

In chapter ten of Crash and Burn Sabrina and Steve bond during a walk on the beach.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 3 November 2011

In chapter nine of Crash and Burn both pairs of siblings talk romance and heartbreak.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 30 October 2011

In the eighth chapter of Crash and Burn the team is called off on a murder case and Sabrina grabs a lunch with her brother where she learns she's not the only one keeping secrets of the heart.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 26 October 2011

In chapter 7 of Crash and Burn Sabrina shows her computer skills and reveals the truth about Jenna Kaye.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 23 October 2011

In chapter 6 of Crash and Burn the Five-0 get a new member and Sabrina and Steve finally talk. Sort of.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 19 October 2011

In chapter 5 of Crash and Burn Catherine and Steve go their separate ways, Sabrina works off her frustration, feelings, regrets, and memories, while Steve reveals the truth about him and Sabrina to his partner.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 16 October 2011

In the fourth chapter of Crash and Burn the introductions are made and some conclusions jumped to.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 12 October 2011

In chapter 3 of Crash and Burn Catherine reveals to Steve he talks in his sleep and Reena finally decides to make her appearance.


In chapter 2 of Crash and Burn the governor arrives to the islands early, only to piss Reena off with some 'bad' news and the Five-0 get their first glimpse of the black-leather-clad biker.


In chapter 1 of Crash and Burn Catherine finally decides to face the truth and Steve prepares to greet the new governor.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 28 September 2011

I've uploaded the prologue and first 6 chapters of my Castle fanfiction Shards of Life.
In the prologue a gruesome murder occurs in New York City, in chapter 1 the detective is called on the murder case and something in the autopsy results seems to ring a bell.
In the second chapter the body is finally identified prompting a top-secret policy in the department, while in chapter 3 the lead detective works on her suspect and delivers the bad news.
In the fourth chapter Samantha advises Richard Caste against wanting to see Beckett's body and in chapter 5 Samantha interrogates her last suspect, Josh Davidson. Afterwards, in chapter 6 everybody convenes in the morgue and Sam shows off her 'social' skills by making everyone who knew Beckett angry and later demands an additional tox screen.

There's also another fanfiction, a Hawaii Five-0 fanfic, available on the site—Crash and Burn. I don't speak Hawaiian so the chapter titles were created using 'Google Translate'. Don't hate me for it.
In the prologue Reena Logan awakes from a recurring nightmare only to receive an interesting phone call from her brother.

SITE UPDATE: 28 September 2011

I finally decided to give fanfiction writing another go. This time I'm 'branching out' a bit, instead of concentrating on just one fandom (City Hunter in the past), so I decided on a free blog, instead of a 'real' website.

The existence of this fanfiction blog is mostly due to the fact my first fanfiction (for the TV series Castle) in years has created quite an 'uproar' due to the fact I've killed off a major character. Some Most readers and fans of the series and the 'ship' I decided to demolish don't appreciate creative freedom, so I decided to post the fic somewhere I might not receive such negativism and my fanfic won't be deleted due to protests.
So here I am.

I won't be concentrating solely on Castle fandom. I've already started on a Hawaii Five-0 fanfic, so we'll see how things go.
Wish me luck.

Happy reading.