Updates - 2013

FANFICTION UPDATE: 31 December 2013

In chapter twenty-six of Letting Go Laurel takes her sparring match with Oliver very seriously. And the result echoes her resolve.

And in the third chapter of Hell Hath No Fury Roy Harper reminisces about the past few months, his relationship to the vigilante, and his mysterious IM friend.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 30 December 2013

In chapter twenty-five of Letting Go the gang learns just what the League of Assassins wants with Laurel.

And in the second chapter of Hell Hath No Fury Barry Allen works on an antidote for a mysterious 'poison'.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 29 December 2013

In the first chapter of Hell Hath No Fury Slade Wilson puts his plan of destroying Oliver Queen in motion, but the outcome isn't what he expected.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 28 December 2013

In chapter twenty-four of Letting Go Laurel succeeds in evading Oliver for a quiet lunch with her friend, only to have to call the gang due to some unpleasant news Adam has received.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 26 December 2013

In chapter twenty-three of Letting Go Oliver and Laurel have another chat, but she still refuses to give them another chance. What could possibly be holding her back?

FANFICTION UPDATE: 24 December 2013

In chapter twenty-two of Letting Go the 'relationship' between Laurel and Donner comes to an end rather publicly and Oliver finally learns just why she was dating the ADA.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 21 December 2013

In chapter twenty-one of Letting Go Oliver obviously tries to make Laurel jealous, but she sees right through his ruse, and more.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 18 December 2013

In chapter twenty of Letting Go Oliver seeks his mother's advice and Laurel, on her way to a party, receives an unexpected (and unwelcome) visit.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 16 December 2013

In chapter nineteen of Letting Go Oliver confronts Laurel in Donner's apartment with the information they've uncovered on the man.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 14 December 2013

In chapter eighteen of Letting Go Sara tries, unsuccessfully, to get some information about her and Donner out of Laurel, and Felicity stumbles upon some shocking data.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 11 December 2013

In chapter seventeen of Letting Go Oliver has realized it isn't time to mope...but to find out about any skeletons Adam Donner might have in his closet.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 9 December 2013

In chapter sixteen of Letting Go Oliver's plan proves to be futile...Laurel has obviously moved on.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 5 December 2013

In chapter fifteen of Letting Go Starling City Sentinel publishes a column discussing an increase in song dedications on a certain radio station.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 1 December 2013

In chapter fourteen of Letting Go Oliver has obviously listened to Sara's advice...and has been raiding Starling City's florists.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 27 November 2013

In chapter thirteen of Letting Go Oliver goes to Sara for some advice how best to get her sister back.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 24 November 2013

In chapter twelve of Letting Go Oliver finds out the extent of Laurel's training and she in turn gets some information on the League of Assassins.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 20 November 2013

In chapter eleven of Letting Go Oliver decides to do some sleuthing and Diggle catches Felicity doing some 'strange' research.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 17 November 2013

In chapter ten of Letting Go Oliver throws down the gauntlet and discovers there's someone else who apparently knows his secret.

BLOG POST: 14 November 2013

I said I wouldn’t, but it turned out, I just can’t ‘resist’.

I thought I was done with this debate when I wrote the quasi-intro to the Arrow fanfics I’m writing, but the recent review for Letting Go on Fanfiction.net has proven me wrong...read more

FANFICTION UPDATE: 13 November 2013

In chapter nine of Letting Go Felicity and Laurel end up in the hands of Helena Bertinelli. The only way for them to go free is for Oliver to reveal the whereabouts of her father.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 10 November 2013

In chapter eight of Letting Go Felicity has drawn the metaphorical short straw and it's her turn to lay in wait for Laurel. Unfortunately their lunch date will have to be postponed.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 8 November 2013

In chapter seven of Letting Go Laurel gets her first glimpse of the Arrowcave, reveals how longs she's known the vigilante is in fact Oliver, and explains just what was behind her 'hunt'.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 5 November 2013

In chapter six of Letting Go Oliver and Laurel share a dance at Sara's homecoming party and Oliver decides it's time to come clean.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 30 October 2013

In chapter five of Letting Go Sara pays a visit to her sister to apologize for everything she had done that had hurt Laurel...and ask for a favor.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 29 October 2013

In chapter four of Letting Go Oliver seeks advice from a former fling and receives more than he bargained for in return.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 28 October 2013

In chapter three of Letting Go Oliver goes visit Laurel only to encounter her father in the hall and her door ajar. The initial fear is replaced by bafflement as they encounter her interior decorator but no Laurel.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 27 October 2013

In chapter two of Letting Go Team Arrow speculates on the possibility of Laurel knowing the truth and what that would mean for Oliver and their relationship.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 25 October 2013

I've become a fan of Arrow. I just love it. The action, the drama, the angst, the abs (naturally) and the romance. Although most viewers claim not to 'feel' or 'see' the chemistry between the two protagonists, Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance, I have to disagree. The chemistry is there—before casting they also test for chemistry between actors—you just have to look for it. It's downplayed, subtle even, because it has to be. There is just too much history between the two, too much heartbreak and pain, it would be idiotic for the two to sizzle and burn at first sight. And to me that's a great achievement by the actors, Steven Amell and Katie Cassidy. They simply bring it. The chemistry is there, the attraction is there...it's palpable, but they have to dance around it, refuse to acknowledge it, because of everything listed above.

And because of that bogus reasoning that the chemistry isn't there, that Ms Cassidy is a bad actor, that her character Laurel is boring (it's not her fault, people, the writers created the role, the character, the history, the angst!) most viewers went and boarded the ship called "Olicity", salivating over the 'relationship' between Oliver and IT girl Felicity Smoak. See, I'm not an "Olicity" shipper, but I do see the chemistry between the two. It just isn't the romantic kind. To me it looks like a crush on her part and brotherly affection on his side. I see the roots of a deep and strong friendship. Nothing more. But with Laurel and Oliver (ship "Lauriver" or whatever they call it these days), there's so much potential, so much slow-burn it's almost sinful.

So, since there are so many Olicity stories out there, which I admit to not reading, because it feels incestuous to think of the two that way, I decided to even the scales a little (I know, good luck with that one) and create two stories with Oliver and Laurel as the main pair (since they're also end-game in the terms of the comic book Arrow is inspired by). And because Laurel's alter-ego (from the comics) has been 'given' to someone else in season 2, I decided to change even that.

So here's the prologue to The Strongest Steel. This will be a pretty dark story, I didn't particularly like myself for writing the first chapter, but there you have it.
The quote that replaces the summary of the story is taken from a book by one of my favorite authors. It just fits the story I have in mind...Since "the strongest steel is forged by the fires of hell".

Since The Strongest Steel is rather dark in theme, I decided to write something lighter to counterbalance it. Unfortunately I came to love what I'm writing at the moment (the lighter story) so much, I decided to finish it before resuming the other one. I just can't bring myself to mix writing both light and dark at the same time.

So I present you Letting Go, where the main pairing is once more Laurel and Oliver. I can't help it, I adore those two together. I even incorporated the character that appears at the beginning of season 2 and is closely tied to both of them.

In chapter one Laurel has had it with Oliver and decides on a clean break while also delivering some veiled news.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 22 October 2013

I've always had trouble finishing my stories. Somehow nothing I write rights right or seems (at least to me) worthy of the story it 'closes'. The same happened to the epilogue of Picking Up the Pieces. But there you have it, my best effort.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 15 October 2013

In chapter 10 of Picking Up the Pieces Tony and Ziva finally consummate their relationship as she notices his choice of jewelry and home decor.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 14 October 2013

In chapter nine of Picking Up the Pieces Tony is baffled by Ziva's reaction to his words, but what happens next isn't the least bit baffling.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 13 October 2013

In chapter eight of Picking Up the Pieces Tony finally reacts and stops Ziva when she's about to walk out of his life again. They're not done talking.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 12 October 2013

In chapter 7 of Picking Up the Pieces things are said in anger, things are revealed, and feelings are confessed. But will it be enough?


The sixth chapter of Picking Up the Pieces returns eight month into the past to a phone-call in the middle of the night.


In chapter five of Picking Up the Pieces Gibbs sends Tony on a mysterious errand, giving him the choice of where to deliver the 'package'.


In chapter 4 of Picking Up the Pieces Tony receives a ghostly visit and remembers a book quote.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 30 September 2013

In chapter 3 of Picking Up the Pieces it's Ducky's turn to try to get Tony to open up. And Tony finally tells someone what happened in Israel.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 29 September 2013

In chapter two of Picking Up the Pieces Gibbs sobers Di Nozzo up and the agent's fist visit is to Abby.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 28 September 2013

In the first chapter of Picking Up the Pieces Gibbs decides it's time for his senior agent to rejoin the living. After all, he's not the only one suffering.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 26 September 2013

After learning of Cote de Pablo's departure from NCIS, which meant the farewell to my favorite character on the show, Ziva David, and having watched the first two episodes of Season 11, I realized the powers that be of the show hadn't really done her justice. So I decided to write my own 'Ziva's farewell'.

In the prologue of Picking Up the Pieces a shattering news reaches NCIS.