Updates - 2015

FANFICTION UPDATE: 28 December 2015

In the eighth chapter of A Musketeer's Heart determined to apologize to Alec, Aramis goes in search of the boy...And finds someone else instead.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 20 December 2015

In the seventh chapter of A Musketeer's Heart Athos sends Alec and Aramis ahead to work out their issues, but things don't go according to plan.


In the sixth chapter of A Musketeer's Heart Alec falls into a trap, but help quickly arrives.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 29 November 2015

In the fifth chapter of A Musketeer's Heart Aramis reconsiders even before his three friends come to try and change his mind. It's a little too late, though, since Alec has already ridden off alone.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 21 November 2015

In the fourth chapter of A Musketeer's Heart, the reason for Alec's joining the musketeers is revealed, and, with the exception of d'Artagnan, it doesn't go down easily.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 14 November 2015

In the third chapter of A Musketeer's Heart, young Alec Reynaud gets into the musketeer garrison, but a letter of recommendation isn't enough. The lad has to prove himself.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 10 November 2015

In the second chapter of A Musketeer's Heart, Alexandra devises a plan to (hopefully) save her brother.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 1 November 2015

In the first chapter of A Musketeer's Heart Lady Alexandra Hamilton-Burke received bad news about her brother.

FANFICTION UPDATE: 18 October 2015

In the prologue to A Musketeer's Heart Aramis and the latest addition to their little group have an altercation that will change everything.

BLOG POST: 18 October 2015

As I already explained in the previous post a few months ago, it all happened one Sunday afternoon when I was too bored to do anything, but not yet so bored as to stare at the ceiling....Read more about it here.


Little Noemi has wanted to meet Saeba Ryo ever since she's overheard her mother talking about him. She didn't think it possible, but she got her wish in the third chapter of Homecoming.


And I can finally move another fanfic into the completed section. Whew!

In the last chapter, fine, it's an epilogue of The Most Beautiful Day of My Life Ryo and Kaori can finally finally have their HEA. (Until next time. ;))


Happy Independence Day, readers from the US!

In the fourth chapter of The Most Beautiful Day of My Life there's a final showdown on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

BLOG POST: 24 June 2015

And now my muse has decided to cooperate even less, and instead decided to come up with a new idea. It's all the BBC's fault. First they take away Top Gear, not they throw a (not so) new series at me. And I'm helpless to resist...Read more about it here.

BLOG POST: 21 June 2015

I have so many fanfiction I need to finish, I just can’t seem to find the inspiration and/or will to finish what I’ve started. And the biggest problem of them all is, that I keep thinking of new stories to write, instead of finishing those that are being written...Read more about it here.


Happy first day of summer!

...and in the third chapter of The Most Beautiful Day of My Life Ryo and company finally get a lead to where Kaori might be...But will they make it there in time?


Here's another story (one-shot) I wrote ten years ago. In Italian (go figure). Always on the same topic—City Hunter. It was written on a whim, as I was trying to come up with a situation that would spur Saeba to declare his true feelings. And nothing beats a near-death experience when it comes down to expressing true feelings.

The title of the story is Return From Hell, hope you enjoy it.

BLOG POST: 2 May 2015

I realized I'm not a true shipper of all the couples I've written stories about. It's funny how I've come to that conclusion, but I guess it's true, since I have trouble even reading that particular story again (while I have absolutely no trouble re-reading, and enjoying, all my other stories). There's also another reason for my non-shippiness, and that's all the writers/creators of the show's fault.
Here are my (last) two cents about it...


In the second chapter of The Most Beautiful Day of My Life things get a little complicated...


Once upon a time, when Hawaii Five-0, Arrow, Castle or NCIS didn't even exist (okay, maybe the last one did), I wrote fanfiction only about one particular TV series. Well, it was anime, but let's not split hairs.

That anime, and subsequently, when I discovered it, manga, is still my favorite of all time—City Hunter.

There are loads of stories in my archives. Some completed, some still in progress, some just drabbles (that I have no idea where I wanted to go with them anymore), some long, and some short. I actually turned one of those long ones into a book, that unfortunately didn't get the acclaim that certain fanfiction-turned-bestsellers do. I guess I picked the wrong fandom. ;)

Anyway, since my muse has decided to take some time off, again, and I stopped watching one of the series I currently have three (!) stories in progress due to "creative differences" with the authors of the series (they've ruined the show, if you ask me, by trying too much to please just one part of the fandom), I decided to dig around my archive and post some of my early stories in the CH universe.

It is early work (written in 2005, yeesh), you can tell by the voice, and it was also based on a challenge, which you can also tell by the beginning of it. It's too chirpy and happy for me...but not for long. *mwahahaha*

Okay, this has gone on for too long. Sorry.

The story is titled The Most Beautiful Day of My Life, the title of the challenge was Le plus beau jour de ma vie (yes, in French), and I had to write about Ryo and Kaori finally deciding to get married, along with some action and maybe tragedy (now you know, why I decided to tackle the challenge), and had to make the reader laugh and cry. I think I accomplished all of it, but I'll let you be the judge.

In the first chapter the wedding day has arrived, and all is fine in Tokyo...But for how long?


After seven years, Saeba Ryo and Makimura Kaori come face to face in the second chapter of Homecoming.


First of all, my deepest apologies for having taken so long in updating. There are multiple reasons for it. First of all, I got stuck with this fanfic last year, and I'm still not unstuck with it. Second, I took a long break from writing. And third, I'm somewhere at the end of the first chapter of another fanfic—it's a movie-based one this time.
Hope you'll forgive me...And hope you'll enjoy this little crumb of a chapter.

In the first chapter of Homecoming Ryo encounters someone from his past in one of Tokyo's parks.