"Shippy" fanfiction

I’m a shipper at heart. TV series, movie, book, anime/manga...I need some romance thrown into the mix. I hate (?) angsty romance, that’s why I don’t watch soap operas (I used to watch telenovelas to learn Spanish, and mission accomplished I don’t watch those anymore, because they’re just lame), but I love some romance mixed to action, and maybe a little drama.
That’s probably why I love reading romantic suspense novels. There’s action, there’s mystery, there’re elements of a thriller, and there’s romance.

So, yeah, my fanfiction (almost) always revolve around a couple.

But lately, as I’ve been re-reading some of my stories, I realized one of them wasn’t written because I was a shipper of that particular couple, but because I wanted to be a shipper of the underdog pairing.
Yes, that story is Letting Go.
I wanted to write a story about Laurel and Oliver, because I was, I don’t know, feeling sorry for the two, swallowed by the onslaught of “Olicity” fanfiction on Fanfiction.net.

Lately I’ve received private messages on the aforementioned site, asking whether the two Arrow fanfiction I still have not finished would end up as O/L stories (they certainly didn’t start as such). There were also some reviewers suggesting I write a sequel to Letting Go.

The answer/reply to all of the above is a categorical HELL,NO.

I might have become a shipper (not the hardcore lunatics you can find in both the O/L and O/F camps, mind you), if the writers/creators of the show would’ve continued their course of what we’ve seen in the first season of the show.

They didn’t, and last year I wrote a rant on the hero-assassination on the show. My opinion has not improved since.
I watched the hack-job that was the second part of the second season, and I absolutely refuse (!) to watch season three. I refuse, because I don’t trust the writers anymore.
They obviously have no backbone to keep telling the story they wanted to tell, since Felicity, the IT girl that I used to like, because she was quirky, and funny, and cute as hell, has taken over the show, and suffered (yet another character that has done that) a severe and, I’m afraid, irreversible character transplant.

I don’t watch the show anymore, but I still can read. And the (hopefully unbiased) reviews don’t endorse the show much. It’s apparently turned into an “Olicity”-fest, and not an original one. Apparently it’s a rehash of the Oliver/Laurel angsty drama from season 1, complete with yet another love triangle.
Which, in my opinion, proves the point of many disgruntled fans (of the comic book material and not shippers!) that the hardcore shipping fanbase has taken over the show, since the writers/creators so obviously cater to them. And cater they do, since the “epic romance” is a copy/paste of the romance in the first season. If it were planned, I would hope they would come up with some new material.

Or maybe they’re just lazy.

Anyway, if I decide to watch something, I expect to watch something original, not a fanfiction. Especially not a badly written, and badly acted one.
(I watched the “epic sex scene”, and I just couldn’t help but laugh. They were so wooden, I expected to see a puppet-master appear in the end, and the expression on Felicity’s face was that of pain not of pleasure, making me wonder whether Oliver tearing her throat open instead of kissing her neck.)

But I digress.

I’m not invested in the show anymore, and I wasn’t that invested in the original pairing in the first place, so there’s no chance in hell I’m putting Laurel with Oliver in any of my future fanfics. I like the girl too much to subject her to that, and I pity Felicity for getting saddled with that bundle of man-pain on the show. She can keep him, too.

But I didn’t really know I wasn’t that invested, until I re-read all of the completed stories (in all “fandoms”) on this site.

And then it hit me. O/L never made love in Letting Go. I always (except in shorter stories when it would quickly turn into PWP) have my main pairing mattress dance at least once in the story. It’s how I roll, I suppose. There has to be action, there has to be romance, and there has to be a sex scene. I love to mix and match. ;)
Ziva and Tony did it in Picking Up the Pieces, I had Steve and Sabrina turn the heat on twice in Crash And Burn, and, yes, the leading man will make Laurel very happy in the two Arrow fanfiction that are currently in the WIP section. I have it all planned out.

I guess I just can’t write “steamy” scenes if I don’t believe the guy deserves a girl. And Oliver Queen, at least the one Arrow creators/writers are offering right now, doesn’t deserve Laurel Lance. I believe Arrow, the TV series, doesn’t deserve Laurel Lance.