Unfinished business

I (once again) realized I’m rather “reticent” in updating this site/blog. And I have no idea why, since I have quite a few City Hunter fanfiction stored on my hard drive from back in the day when I used to write exclusively that.

I guess it’s the fact I have to re-check each and every chapter of it, fix obvious grammar mistakes (again), fix the voice, fix things that don’t sound right (anymore). And I’m too lazy to do that on a regular basis.
Hence, everything has slowed down considerably. I post a chapter a month, for crying out loud!

And on the other hand, I have so many fics in different states of writing. Some of them on this site, some of them on my computer. And my muse has obviously taken a long vacation.
I just can’t seem to find the inspiration and/or will to finish what I’ve started.

And the biggest problem of them all is, that I keep thinking of new stories to write, instead of finishing those that are being written.

The other night I had a dream about Batman (I have no idea where that one came from), and now I have to write it down. I saw Jurassic World yesterday, and an idea popped up in my head. I even want to write a Fifty Shades of Grey fanfic (a fanfiction for a fanfiction!), but it certainly won’t be a romance, unless I start doing some major drugs. I never read the books, I just saw the movie—and promptly fell asleep in the middle of it (yeah, it was a really exciting movie...not!), yet I want to write a story about it.

Then, there’s a prologue to a James Bond fic on my computer, along with a couple of chapters of a Psy/Changeling story, a couple of years back, I started a Game of Thrones fanfiction (having only watched the first series and never reading the books), I’ve written two chapters of a Dracula: Untold story, and there are two chapters of a Fast & Furious fic waiting in the sidelines.

I fear many of those will join others in the unfinished business section.

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