Letting Go - Chapter 2

At ‘Arrow Headquarters’, as Felicity had lovingly dubbed their base underneath Verdant, Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity stared at the slim, black phone on the desk. It was the phone the Arrow had left in Laurel’s apartment one night. After her vendetta-against-the-vigilante had been brought to a stop by the vigilante in question saving her life. Again.

Although it had never been used, Oliver felt calmer knowing she had a way of contacting him if she needed the Arrow.

Oliver sighed and rubbed his hands over his face. She knew. Laurel knew he was the Arrow.

“Are you sure she knows?” Diggle asked.

Felicity scoffed. “She told him he could have his phone back. Since Arrow gave it to her and she said the phone belonged to Oliver...I think that pretty much means she knows.”

“But how?” Diggle stood. “How did she learn the truth?”

Oliver shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Did she see you? Recognize your voice?”

“I don’t know,” Oliver repeated forcefully. “I didn’t have time to ask.”

“Is it possible?” Felicity asked. “Is it possible she saw you?”

“I always stood in the shadows, and the hood is designed to cover my face.” Another sigh. “And I always used the device to distort my voice.”

Diggle leaned back against a table. “The real question would be, how does this change things now? For you.” When Oliver and Felicity looked at him, he elaborated. “I mean, you lied to protect her. Now it seems she knows, so you don’t have to lie to her anymore.”

“And she was in danger even when she didn’t know,” Felicity supplied.

Diggle nodded. “There is that.”

“You think she knew when she was on the anti-vigilante campaign?” Felicity asked.

Oliver shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“There are a lot of things you—we—don’t know,” Diggle said. “So, until you manage to find out, let’s focus on what we know. Laurel knows you’re the Arrow.”

“She never wants to see you again,” Felicity continued.

“And knowing you, you won’t let that happen,” Diggle finished.

“I sure hope not,” Felicity added. “It’s Laurel, we’re talking about. Gorgeous Laurel. Your Laurel.”

Oliver felt his lips twitch. Leave it to her to get to the gist.

“You survived the island because of her,” she went on. “You still carry her picture wherever you go, even as the Arrow. Granted, she dated your best friend, but you also haven’t been a saint these past year or so. Still, true love comes along once in a lifetime and when it does, you have to follow your heart and go after the person you love with all your might, weapons drawn, gloves off. And I really should breathe right now.”

“I’m with Felicity on this one. Only not in such a Hallmark style,” Diggle said with a smirk

Oliver smiled slightly. Were his friends playing matchmakers?

“You said yourself you wanted to see if you can have it both ways,” Diggle continued. “Save the city and have a normal life. This is your chance. You can still be the Arrow and have the girl. The right girl.”

“You can protect her, Oliver,” Felicity said. “And she can protect herself.”

“You can also teach her some additional moves,” Diggle added.

“Are you two done?” Oliver asked, grinning. “Because if you are, I have to go see a girl.”

“She said she doesn’t want to see you anymore,” Felicity reminded him.

Oliver’s grin widened. “You really think I’m going to let something like that stop me? What was it that you said? When true love comes around, all bets are off.”

“Something like that,” she replied, smiling. “So what are you still doing here?”

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