Post barring from Verdant (Arrow, 2x12)

Oliver answered the phone with a sigh. He wasn’t in the mood to argue with Sara right now. Laurel needed her. Her sister needed her, and she should haul her ass to her immediately. No argument. At the moment, Sara was probably the only one who could reach Laurel.

“What is it?”

“She’s not here.”

He frowned. She sounded a little frantic. “Who isn’t where?”

“Laurel. She didn’t come home.”

He didn’t ask how Sara made it so quickly to Laurel’s apartment, that wasn’t important. The important thing was Laurel’s whereabouts.

“Thea said she gave the cabbie her address.”

Silence greeted his reply. Sara didn’t have to say anything. Laurel could’ve simply gone to another bar, but they both doubted it. With Sara back in Starling City, the League certainly wasn’t far behind. Which meant Laurel’s gotten herself kidnapped.




Feeling Thea’s fingers curl gently, but firmly around her upper arm, Laurel took a quick swig of her martini that Thea has placed on the bar when she and Oliver had come to her rescue. She mumbled something to Thea to placate her, and let herself be led out of Verdant.

When the cab turned the corner, and she was safely out of sight of whomever might be watching, she straightened from her drunken slump on the backseat, pulled an evidence bag out of her purse, and emptied her mouth into it. She lifted the bag slightly, examining the transparent liquid. But for the slight greenish tinge at the bottom, it looked pretty normal.

When Oliver had shown up, Felicity in tow as always, Laurel had feared he’d ruined everything, but the guy sitting beside her at the bar, had still managed to spike her last drink. Good for him. Even better for her.

“Change of plans, sir,” she announced to the cabbie, and rattled off another address.

“Sorry, miss,” he said apologetically. “The lady back there paid me extra to make sure you made it home. You don’t look—”

She leaned forward and met his eyes in the rearview mirror. “Do I look drunk to you?”

She might have when she stumbled out of the bar and into the back of his cab, but now the charade was over, and she didn’t want to argue. She had a meeting.

He peered closely at her. “Not really.”

“You want a blood sample? Do I have to pee in a cup?” She had all the necessary in her bag if he wanted to test her for drugs and alcohol. She was prepared. So prepared she’s been carting along blood and urine samples from druggies, just in case someone planned to test her for opiates again. She had a cover to maintain. Just for a little while longer.

The cabbie still stared suspiciously at her, and she sighed. “Look, I’ll pay you double, just get me to that address.”


The A.R.G.U.S. headquarters looked deserted as Laurel walked toward the bank of elevators, but she knew better. She could feel them watching her. Once in the elevator, she hit the button for top floor, and waited as the elevator ascended.

On the top floor, she walked straight into the director’s office, forgoing the knock. Why bother? Amanda knew she was here.

“What are you doing here so late?”

Laurel smirked. She could ask Amanda the same question. Instead, she pulled the bag with the liquid out of her purse, and gently placed it on Amanda’s desk. “He’s taken the bait.”

To a casual observer, Amanda Waller would’ve looked as composed as ever, but Laurel knew her, and knew what to look for. The minute tightening of the mouth, the slight widening of the eyes, the calculating look...The woman was excited.

“Good job,” she said evenly.

Laurel shrugged. “Doing what I can.”

Amanda nodded. “Indeed.” She peered closely at Laurel as if sensing her hesitation. “What is it?”

Laurel sighed. “Can I bunk in with you?”

One corner of Amanda’s lips curled up. “Has your apartment been raided again?”

“I’m not in the mood to talk to my sister.”

Amanda merely cocked her head.

Another sigh. “I know Sara’s waiting for me. Oliver called her.”

“I see.” Amanda stood, and straightened her suit jacket. “Are you hungry?”

Laurel grinned. “Starving.”