Having all sorts of'em lately. I've been watching the Sailor Moon reboot and already have four chapters of a fanfic written (AU of the song-fic variety). Will see how it goes...

And I had a big Kommissar Rex marathon before going to Cuba (yes, that's why I haven't posted any new chapters in the past few weeks, I was AWOL without Internet). While watching the Rex episodes, the ones with Alexander Brandtner, because gorgeous Gedeon Burkhard was the one who got me watching the series seriously back in the nineties, I had the urge to write a fanfic.

A crime (of the serial killer variety) fanfic after many many years. I have it all planned out, what will happen, how will it happen, how will it begin and how it will end, I just have to sit down and actually write it. It might take a while, I have to do another Rex marathon, methinks, but I'll get there.